Zaxai, pronounced “Zah-K-eye”, is more than your typical artist from Brooklyn. He is one of the most talented, eclectic artists in New York City. Singer, songwriter, producer, acoustic guitarist and beat boxer, are just a few of this man’s handles. With a diverse musical background in several genres including rock, pop, soul, r&b, gospel, and classical, Zaxai hopes to produce timeless music for everyone, everywhere. This passionate performer also sings in 6 different languages. They are, English, French, Creole, Spanish, Italian and Russian. He explains, “Music is my mistress. I just want to know as much of her as I can. The more you know about someone, the more you grow with them. So, one genre isn't enough. One language isn't enough. Music, its artists, are no longer confined to just one sound. So, I have to be diverse". Music is what Zaxai describes as a universal language and believes is what ultimately brings people together. He believes there is healing through music. It can also be used to shed light on global issues such as, child trafficking, poverty within third world countries such as his home land of Haiti, wars & etc. In fact, his biggest influence is helping to rebuild Haiti. "If you see a problem, you're meant to fix it" he quotes and so his music is highly influenced by such issues. 

Since the tender age of 12, Zaxai started singing in church. In fact, because of his size and height he lied to join the choir, where he credits his foundation in his faith and musicality. Zaxai also began playing the acoustic guitar at he age of 14 and has traveled all across America, singing professionally since the age of 18 He started his career singing background vocals for recording artists such as Avery Storm &, international Jazz legend, Emeline Michel and continued to excel by doing reference vocals for prominent production companies like “Trakformaz”, "The Heat Makerz” and “Blast Off Studios”. He has been exposed to the ins and outs of the music industry and is ready to step out on his own as a solo artist. His voice is often compared to pop sensation Usher, Adele and the soulful John Legend. With his strong and sultry falsetto, Zaxai displays a vocal acrobatic show sure to melt people’s hearts. He portrays RAW EMOTION with every stanza. His passion is felt and resonates in your spirit. His writing, as he describes, comes from a place of experience. That is why it’s easy for listeners to relate. Smooth, silky, sexy are but a few traits to describe this man & his voice.  His break out performance proved just that. At the independent music festival, held at the Knitting Factory, located in Brooklyn New York, Zaxai won over the crowd with his rendition of Ushers, Climax and again this past Jan 2017 where he captivated everyone with his powerful emotional ballads. Since then he has been performing as well as competing in showcases. Some of his accomplishments include winning the "Power IS Showcase" hosted by Atlantic Records, Power 105.01, DJ Reymo, Bad Boy Records and Platinum Producer Antwan "Amadeus" Thompson. Since then, Zaxai has released his first project entitled “Rendezvous” Chapt. 1 alongside super producer Phinestro. The entire project consists of an array of today’s pop genres, from Funk, to Island Dance. Zaxai is also on track to releasing his solo project entitled “Too Far Gone” which as he explains is the story of his mental and spiritual break down. An emotional EP, emotional roller coaster that describes the loss of his best friend, fiancée, fun times, surreal moments, flashes of passion, mistakes & heartaches. “Too far gone, are the last words my ex told me. The project is the story of me trying to figure out what that means and why she’d break a vow of love?” His faith in Christ is what he believes has gotten him this far and is a major reason why he sings.   


      His musical influences include an array of past pop icons from Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, The Beatles, Billy Joel, Marvin Gaye, Elton John, The BeeGees, Chicago, Phil Collins and Eric Clapton to today’s superstars such as Usher, Adam Levine, John Legend, John Mayer, Hillsong, Adele, Israel Houghton and Bruno Mars. He explains, “I want to be the best, so all I study is the best.” He also credits his Haitian Afro-roots as a huge influence for his sound. Zaxai is ready to take the world by storm and hopes you’ll join him on that journey. 

BIO: Zaxai